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Vance and Edna's Story

Vance Blalock was born in Comanche, Oklahoma, in 1905 and came to Atascosa County with his father, Alfred Blalock, his mother, Mary Ellen, and his older brother, Ulis. Vance's father and mother came to Atascosa County because of the Simmons Land Sale in Christine in 1909. It was advertised all over the U.S. as a land of milk and honey. Simmons bought up ranches and subdivided them into small tracts. Alfred Blalock bought a couple of these tracts of land and camped at a flowing well about four miles west of Christine on what was later to be called the Turkey Creek community. They lived in a covered wagon until they could build a one-room house. Alfred Blalock was a music teacher and piano tuner by profession, but he went into the farming business and ran a small dairy after moving to Atascosa County.

There was plenty of wild game in those days to help out on the groceries. The Blalocks raised most of their food on the farm.

There were three more children born into the family: Floyd, Sylvia, and, Keith. Vance and his older brother walked four miles to school in Christine, and later Vance attended a small one-room school in the Turkey Creek community. Some of the teachers in this school were Katheryn Martine, a Miss Bentley, and Martin Wheeler.

When Vance was about 17 years old, he and his brother went into the bee business. They shipped honey all over the states of Texas and New Mexico. At the age of 23, Vance met Edna Moore at the Church of Christ in Jourdanton, where the family attended church. Six months later, Vance and Edna were married. Edna was born in Kansas in 1910 and came to Atascosa County in 1928. She was visiting with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Moore of Christine. Mr. Moore was the depot agent at Christine.

50th wedding anniversary
Vance & Edna's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1979

Vance quit the bee business and purchased 30 acres of land to go into the farming business. He raised turkeys as a sideline. His hobbies were hunting and music. He learned music from his father at an early age, and later he attended a Singing School at Sabinal, Texas, studying song leading, harmony, and composition.

There were eight children born to Vance and Edna. There were Edith (Green), Nadine (Hooton), Jo Ann (Reed), Myrtle (Witteman), Barbara (Burchers), Marie Blalock, Vance Jr., and Wilson. All children have careers independent of each other, but each has a small interest in ranching in Atascosa County. Children's hobbies include oil painting, sewing, fancy quilting, hunting, fishing, and many more.

About 1945, Vance started into the cattle business. Vance leased land in the Turkey Creek community, gradually buying 20 acres or more at a time until he and his children had accumulated a small ranch of 1,400 acres. At present, Vance is living on the place where he and Edna lived as newlyweds.

60th Wedding Anniversary
Vance & Edna's 60th Wedding Anniversary, 1989

Written by: Vance and Edna Blalock
Appeared in: Atascosa County History, pages 83-84
Atascosa History Committee


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