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Vance Thurland Blalock

Vance as a toddler
Vance Thurland Blalock

Vance Thurland Blalock was born 24 October 1905 in Comanche Oklahoma and died 28 January 1996 in Jourdanton Texas.

Vance was the second son of Mary Ellen Hendricks and Alfred Moore Blalock.

Mary Hendricks and Alfred Blalock - young portrait
Mary Hendricks and Alfred Blalock - older portrait
Alfred Moore Blalock and Mary Ellen Hendricks

Mary Ellen Hendricks was born on October 24, 1880 in Cedar Hill Texas and died on 30 July 1975 in Pleasanton Texas. Her parents were William Noah Hendricks and Susan Delilah Brown.

Alfred Moore Blalock was born on 1 September 1867 in Dade County Georgia and died on 24 Jan 1953. His parents were James Madison Blalock and Elizabeth Lucinda Cathey.

william hendricks
susan brown
William Noah Hendricks
Susan Delilah Brown



elizabeth cathey
Elizabeth Lucinda Cathey


On January 8,1902 Mary Ellen Hendricks married Alfred Moore Blalock in Commanche Oklahoma. Mary's father, William Noah Hendricks performed the service.

Mary and Alfred had six children, five living to adulthood:

  1. Ulis Lincoln 1903-1979
  2. Mary Lucille 1904-1905
  3. Vance Thurland 1905-1996
  4. Floyd Stanley 1912-1996
  5. Sylvia Junette 1915
  6. Keith Wesley 1918-1985

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Mary disliked her common name, so as a result she made sure her children had unique names.

Alfred was a piano tuner and music teacher by profession, and Mary was a gifted musician also, playing the piano and the violin. Mary taught her daughter, Sylvia, and her son, Vance, to play both these instruments. See some of Mary's published hymns.

In 1909 Alfred and Mary moved from Oklahoma to Atascosa County Texas in response to an advertisement by Charles Simmons. Simmons promoted the South Texas land as the "garden spot" where the winters are warm and the summers are cool. He planned a railroad system heading south from San Antonio. The railroad system never materialized as promised and the new towns did not prosper. People who had moved to this area of "milk and honey" and stayed despite disappointments became known as the "Simmons Suckers." Alfred and Mary stayed in this area, and their son, Vance, loved to tell the family that 'we were Simmons Suckers.'

When Mary and Alfred arrived in Atascosa County they lived in their wagon until they could build a one-room house. They made their living by farming and ranching, and they owned a small dairy.

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At the Jourdanton Church of Christ, Vance met Edna Marie Moore. Six months later they married on March 16, 1929 in Leming Texas. The men in the town planned a "chivaree," but the newlyweds had other plans. They hid at a friend's house, and the men (including Uncle Wilson) were so mad, they wouldn't speak to them for several days. Edna and Vance enjoyed a long and happy marriage (see Vance and Edna's Story).


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