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    Memories by William "Dub" Hooton

    This is a story Grandma (Edna) told me on the way to get the paper in Christine. The day was Sunday, August 4, 1996. It was Grandma's 86th birthday. Grandma was all decked out in a new blue dress and curly hair.

    On the way over she asked for a kleenex. She said that her nose was running. "Oh, my daddy never did leave the house without a handkerchief. His nose was always running."

    "Grandma, how long have you been in the Christine community?"

    "Oh my, since 1929. I moved in with my aunt and uncle (Mamie and John Wilson Moore) in Jourdanton. Later we moved to Christine. I met Vance and we went out yonder in the woods to an old preacher's house and he married us. We lived with my uncle for a while."

    "The men in the community planned a chivaree for us. We heard about it and slipped out the back way and walked around and up the road. The men were laughing, joking and having a big time. Then we walked past them going to a friend's house where she hid us. The men searched and searched everywhere for us. Uncle Wilson and his friend finally found us. He was so mad at us that he would not speak to us for days."

    "We moved to the house on Turkey Creek at the old barn and lived there for a while. Then moved to the house on highway 16 over there where Wilson lives now."