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Edna Marie Moore

Edna as a baby
Edna Marie Moore

Edna Marie Moore was born 4 August 1910 in Kansas City Kansas and died 18 May 1997 in San Antonio Texas.

Edna was the daughter of Austin Lee Moore and Mary Arbell Williams.

Austin Lee Moore and Mary Arbell Williams

Austin Moore
Mary Williams

Mary Arbell Williams was born on 3 August 1875 in Wright Missouri and died on 29 August 1914 in Kinta Oklahoma. Her parents were John Williams and Mary Ellen Shield.

Austin Lee Moore was born on 26 August 1877 or 1878 in Hartville Missouri and died on 15 March 1950 in McAlestar Oklahoma. His parents were Wilson Lee Moore and Margaret Jane Boulware.

wilson moore and margaret boulware
Wilson Lee Moore and
Margaret Jane Boulware


Moore family
The Moore Family circa 1910


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Edna's mother died when she was four. She remembered that she was always with her daddy, following him around while he worked. One day, her father was chopping wood and Edna got in the way. Her big toe accidentally got cut! It was almost cut off. They poured sugar and kerosene on the toe and bandaged it up. Eventually it healed. (After telling this story, she took her shoe and sock off and wiggled her toe at me!)

Edna was very proud of her brother, Tom, and she enjoyed talking about him and showing pictures of him to the family. Tom wrote postcards to his sister Edna - 1928 postcard from Oklahoma and unmailed postcard.

Edna's father remarried a woman named Willie. Edna and Willie did not get along. Willie did not treat her stepchildren very well.

Edna was a pretty good student - see her 1927 report card from Pittsburgh County Oklahoma.

When Edna was 18 in 1928, she came to Atascosa County Texas to visit her aunt and uncle, Mamie and John Wilson Moore. Wilson Moore, as he was called, was the railroad depot agent in Christine Texas.

Edna as a young woman
Edna as a young woman

At the Jourdanton Church of Christ, Edna met Vance Thurland Blalock. Six months later they married on March 16, 1929 in Leming Texas. The men in the town planned a "chivaree," but the newlyweds had other plans. They hid at a friend's house, and the men (including Uncle Wilson) were so mad, they wouldn't speak to them for several days. Edna and Vance enjoyed a long and happy marriage (see Vance and Edna's Story).


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